Yacht Delivery, Boating Instruction, Yacht Management

Chesapeake Yacht Services LLC offers safe yacht delivery and relocation, personalized boating instruction and training, and professional yacht management.

Our mission is to allow you to enjoy ownership and use of your yacht without concerns for its day-to-day complexities.





We are U.S. Veteran managed and staffed. With years of expertise in all aspects of vessel management, yacht delivery and boating instruction we can safely guide you and your yacht through the complexities of today’s navigational, technical and regulatory standards.

With our home office in the Chesapeake Bay region of Virginia, we are centrally located to meet clients’ needs on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, America’s “Great Loop“, the U.S. and Canadian Great Lakes, and the Caribbean.




America's Great Loop training and instructionDelivery and Relocation

As both are important, we assist with both nearby and long distance transits of your vessel. This may be a quick relocation of your yacht from it’s primary slip to a service facility. You may need your new purchase delivered from the seller in Canada to it’s new home on the Gulf Coast. Hence, you can be certain that our crews will do so in a timely manner with all due diligence to insuring your boats safety at all times.

Instruction and Training

When stepping into a larger, more complex vessel, there is, and should be concern as to one’s ability to safely operate it. Consequently, our Instructors are well qualified to give you a thorough orientation to your new boat. In addition, they can train you in safe navigation practices, close quarter maneuvering, docking, anchoring, and more. Furthermore, our staff can help you meet insurance training requirements for operating your boat without additional assistance.

Maintenance and Refits

Our Managers oversee preventative maintenance, as well as major upgrade projects. Our diligent oversight insures work is done to the highest yacht standards while maintaining budget and completion time tables.


C.Y.S. Managers and Captains will help you achieve and maintain a Flag State-approved Safety Management System (SMS) – including: Health, Safety and Environmental Policy, Drug and Alcohol Policy, Safety Management Manual, Procedures and Forms.

Operation and Staffing

If desired, we assist our owners with crew placement and administration. We handle recruitment, reference and certification checks. C.Y.S. will help you select skilled crew that best fit you, and your yacht’s needs.